Industrial Design

[ Industrial Design Services ]


Phase 0 (Preliminary Design)

In this step we will offer several creative concepts & schematic designs to client.


Phase I (Final Design)

In this step we will develop selected concept based on clients’ amendments.


Implemention & Construction

In last step we will ensure Proper execution of design with technical supervision.

[ Types of Services ]

Industrial Design

Design of Window Display/ Booth / Exhibition

Window Displays, booths & exhibitions are the most prominent places for introduction and display for companies and brands. Today, as the importance of conceptual and unified design becomes more prominent, brands use the most professional designers to design their window displays and booths. After receiving brand information and agreeing on initial concepts with the client, Arano Studio begins to generate new and creative ideas through brainstorming.

Fabricate prototypes, urban & architectural models in different scales

Models and prototypes are made in different scales and dimensions and with different materials and techniques according to their purposes. Small-scale models are commonly used to display large sites, such as urban models (for example, the model of a residential town may be one in three hundred or one in five hundred). In these models, small details are less seen. Similarly, we may propose a scale of one hundred to build an architectural model for a villa and a scale of one to fifty to build an interior architectural model. Similarly, for larger scales,  More details can be seen. For the model of a device or product, the scale of one second or one by one may be selected and in its construction all the components are made exactly.

Design and manufacture of special products and installations

Installation means a decorative and artistic arrangement in a specific three-dimensional space. Art installation works are often installed in indoor spaces such as lobbies or commercial complexes, villas, etc. Installations may be temporary or permanent. Installation design is a multi-disciplinary art and profession because it requires the cooperation of specialties such as interior design, industrial design, sculpture, etc.

Design and manufacture of decorative accessories, furniture and lighting

Today, indoor furniture and equipment play a wide role in our daily lives. From the furniture we sit on to the TV table, shelf on the wall, library, closet, work desk, wall lamp and …. Arano Studio suggests using interior furniture and equipment in harmony with the architectural style and interior design of your space. Arano Studio accepts orders for designing and manufacturing all kinds of furniture and interior products.

Packaging Design

Packaging is a practical tool for delivering any product. It does not matter if the package is supposed to contain a food product or a perfume bottle, clothes, etc. Today, packaging design requires more ideation and creativity because the appearance of packaging is one of the important factors in selling goods. For this reason, there is a lot of competition in this field in all guilds. Today, start-ups have been able to steal the competition from older brands by creatively designing the packaging of their products. A well-designed and eye-catching package ensures your success in presenting your product and gaining customer satisfaction.

[ Our Attitude and Work Style ]

Our Approach to Design

With the rapid growth of technology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the invasion of human life by artifacts, his peace of mind was gradually undermined. Today, the majority of people spend most of their time indoors. Artificial man-made environments that are generally not pleasant fo nature of human. One of the design approaches in Arano Studio is to combine and introduce natural elements (such as natural light, greenery, water and natural materials) as well as the use of natural ventilation systems and vision in the design. Arano tries to pay special attention to nature-loving and human-centered design, while presenting a modern style in line with the technology and requirements of today’s life.

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