[ Architecture Services ]


Phase 0 (Preliminary Design)

In this step we will offer several creative concepts & schematic designs to client.


Phase I (Final Design)

In this step we will develop selected concept based on clients’ amendments.


Phase II (documentation )

In this step we will prepare drawings suitable for permit submittal or construction.


Implemention & Construction

In last step we will ensure Proper execution of design with technical supervision.

[ Types of Services ]


Phase 0 (Ideation, Concept or Preliminary Design)

The design of your ideal space begins with a “mental idea or concept” in the design process, which is drawn on paper in the form of a diagram or sketch. The value of a design lies in the idea on which it is based. This initial productive idea adds value to your work. This can be a good measure of your designer’s mental strength.

Designing and producing maps is usually a very time consuming phase in the design process. However, in “Phase 0 or Preliminary Design” you can quickly get a set of creative ideas for your design project and get acquainted with the general atmosphere of the design with a few pictures, diagrams or sketches. Arano’s ideation team prepares a “Design Proposal” for you for this purpose.

Phase I (2d & 3d Drawings)

Arano design team, while considering the two elements of beauty and performance (in accordance with the aesthetic standards and functional criteria of the space), based on your tastes and desires (such as your favorite style, requested spaces, favorite color, etc. ) And also according to the requirements of your project (such as land dimensions, neighborhoods, etc.) prepares a suitable plan for your project.

The important point is that the designs presented by Arano Studio are “special and specific to each order” and are designed according to the specific needs announced by you and the requirements of your project. Arano does not use any pre-design or ready-made design, so it does not have the same design result. To ensure the level and quality of Arano designs, you can refer to the portfolio section.

The documents presented in “Phase I” include: 2D drawings (furniture and measurement plans, sections, views, site plan) and 3D images (or renderings).

– Arano Studio 2D drawings are completely accurate and functional and comply with the rules and standards of design and rules. Proper layering of drawings, accuracy of drawings, legibility of drawings and the possibility of printing at the required scales are checked by technical control experts.

– 3D images (renderings) are accurately and practically simulated and are presented by applying real materials, natural light of day and night and the nature and texture of the surrounding building.

Animation and virtual tour (360 degree virtual reality) can be provided in the package if ordered.

Phase II (Documentation)

This phase is the stage that connects the design to the implementation, so it is very important. In fact, if we do not have phase two plans, it will not be possible to execute according to the design. Execution and technical drawings allow us to turn the plan into reality by providing accurate measurements, details, materials and execution methods.

Arano Studio, using  experienced experts and technical specialists, provides technical Drawings in compliance with the international standards.

– If needed, Arano Studio can provide the efficiency of the presented designs in the form of analytical diagrams by performing calculations and technical analyzes of “energy” and “light

Execution or Construction Phase

After the end of the design phases, we enter the execution or construction phase. At this stage, our goal is to execute correctly and in accordance with the design. At this stage, Arano Studio will start the construction operation after providing an initial estimate of costs and execution schedule. Arano Studio assures you that you will be satisfied with the final result by using the best contractors in the field of construction and careful technical supervision of the work process during the construction process. We create an environment for you to feel comfortable with every moment you attend.

[ Our Attitude and Work Style ]

Our Approach to Design

With the rapid growth of technology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the invasion of human life by artifacts, his peace of mind was gradually undermined. Today, the majority of people spend most of their time indoors. Artificial man-made environments that are generally not pleasant fo nature of human. One of the design approaches in Arano Studio is to combine and introduce natural elements (such as natural light, greenery, water and natural materials) as well as the use of natural ventilation systems and vision in the design. Arano tries to pay special attention to nature-loving and human-centered design, while presenting a modern style in line with the technology and requirements of today’s life.

[ Architecture Services ]

Design of Different Spaces

  • Design of residential complexes
  • Apartment design
  • Villa design
  • Design of one or two storey houses
  • Penthouse design
  • Suite design
  • Low area house design (design in minimal space)
  • Hotel design (lobby design, room design, etc.)
  • Motel design
  • Inn design
  • Design a nursing home
  • Sanatorium design
  • School design
  • Kindergarten design
  • Conservatory design
  • School design
  • Design of a scientific research center
  • Design of Innovation Center and Science and Technology Center
  • library design
  • Design of research center
  • Design of the cultural center
  • Exhibition and gallery design
  • Office design
  • Bank design
  • Law Office Design
  • headquarteroffice design
  • Stock brokerage design
  • Restaurant design
  • Coffee shop design
  • Fast food design
  • Traditional restaurant design
  • Chinese, Indian, Arabic restaurant design
  • Vegetarian restaurant design
  • Nuts store design
  • Confectionery design
  • Dining hall design
  • Clothing store design
  • Bag and shoe store design
  • Jewelry store design
  • Clock store design
  • Bridal mezon design
  • Glasses store design
  • Retail design
  • Shopping center design
  • Bookstore design
  • Cosmetics store design
  • Furniture store design
  • Carpet and rug store design
  • Computer hardware store design
  • Design of audio and video equipment store
  • Design of construction supplies store
  • Travel agency design
  • Hairdressing design
  • Men’s hairdressing design (barber shop)
  • Beauty salon design
  • Design of massage therapy center
  • Hospital design
  • Clinic design
  • Rehabilitation center design
  • Pharmacy design
  • Health center design
  • Dental design
  • Ophthalmic design
  • Psychiatric design
  • Radiology design
  • Laboratory design
  • Physiotherapy design
  • Chemotherapy center design
  • Designing a counseling center
  • Veterinary design
  • Hosseinieh design
  • Mosque design
  • Chapel design
  • Design of church, synagogue, temple
  • Production line design
  • Design of the shed
  • Workshop design
  • Factory design
  • Repair shop design
  • Parking design
  • Sports club design
  • Gym design
  • Design of billiards and snooker clubs
  • Gamenet design
  • Squash hall design
  • Design of pool, sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Spa design
  • Theater design
  • Cinema design
  • Music hall design
  • Concert hall design
  • Amphitheater design
  • Pavilion design
  • Museum design
  • Installation design
  • Temporary structure design
  • Renovation of an old or heritage building
  • Fire station design
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