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آیکن خلاقیت

Phase 0 (Preliminary Design)

« 30% First of all the cost »

At this stage, the design team prepares one or more creative ideas suitable for the project and presents one or more “initial design proposals”.
« To do this, you pay the first 30% of the total design cost when ordering. »

آیکن الماس

Phase I (Final Design)

« 30% Second of the total cost »

After the delivery of the “initial design”, the required corrections and payments are made and the “final design” is prepared.
«To do this step, after delivering the previous step, you pay the second 30% of the total design cost. »

آیکن جامعیت

Phase II (documentation)

« 30% Third of the total cost »

After the client approves the design, the executive details of the work are completed and construction drawings are prepared.

«To perform this step, after delivering the previous step, you pay 30% of the total design cost. »

آیکن کیوب

Execution or Construction

« 10% Final cost »

In this stage, the designer prepares an estimate of “scheduling” and “execution costs”. 
« To do this step, after delivering the previous step, you pay the final 10% of the total design cost. »

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[ Do you have a question? ]

There’s no standard answer because there are a number of factors involved in the architect’s design process timeline. It depends to some factors such as Project Scaleclient requirements, number of alternatives, clients’ amendments & etc. Having a professional team and optimizing the design process is an advantage that allows Arano Studio to advance projects quickly. Let’s contact us for more informations.

The first step is «Creating Concept & Schematic Design». in this step we will offer several different Alternatives to client. Second step is «Design Developments» based on clients’ amendments. in the Third step «Construction Documentation» we will prepare drawings suitable for permit submittal and construction. Finally in last step «Implementing & Construction» we will ensure the proper execution of design. see more information here.

To register your order on the site, all you have to do is go to the “Submit Order” section and go through all the steps based on the services you request. At the end, “your profile” will be asked. Your order will be finalized after submitting “Price Estimate” and “Complying with Site Rules“.

If you go through all the steps correctly, In the last step, the message «Your order has been received» will be displayed. And a «Tracking Code» will be sent to your email.

If you do not receive a message, check your email spam.

“Initial order registration” on the site is a free consultation request and does not involve any costs.
“After the first payment“, the order becomes a legally binding contract & we will start your project.
If your request to cancel the order is before the start of the design process (less than 24 hours after order registration); We can cancel your order and refund the amount paid to you.
If you cancel the process “after the start or during the project”, the order fee will be received up to that stage, and if more than that is paid, the rest will be returned to you.

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