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Our Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of ordering on this site are as follows:

Service Description

The service of each order is determined according to the customer’s selected package and selected items during the order, and after registering the order, it is sent to the customer’s email in the form of a summary table.


The complete design package usually includes the following documents:

  • Two-dimensional images and plans: usually are presented manually in the form of sketches, collages, etc., or computer-generated and in the form of digital drawings. These pictures and Plans are in accordance with the drawing standards, scales and international map reading marks of each field.
  • Simulated 3D images: Three-dimensional images, in addition to benefiting from the high quality, also include lighting, materials, elements and details of the proposed design and are the main viewing angles of the design.
  • Technical and executive drawings: These drawings are in accordance with the drawing standards, scales and international map reading signs of each field.


  • The amount of the order price is initially estimated based on the information received by the customer, which after registering the order, is re-examined by Arano experts and if necessary, correction is notified to the customer.
  • The customer can pay the entire contract amount in one step or in the following 4 steps:
    30% in the first stage to do the initial design (phase zero)
    30% in the second stage to do the final design (phase one)
    30% in the third stage for preparing documents and technical drawings (phase two)
    10% in the fourth stage to estimate time and cost and provide implementation or construction advice


  • The standard duration for the entire “design” process varies from about 2 to 8 weeks (working) depending on the package selected.
  • In special projects with custom items and high workload, the standard duration of the project can be increased, which will be notified to the customer after the start of the process and measurement of workload.
  • The time allotted for “execution” after the end of the design is estimated and notified to the customer.
    In the unforeseen events that prevent the progress of the work, the schedule will be reviewed by agreement of the parties.
  • If the customer requests to review or modify a part of the work or need more time to  send confirmation, the relevant time will be added to the schedule.


  • Customers must provide accurate and complete information when placing an order. Arano will not be liable in case of entering incomplete or incorrect information.
  • In order to carry out the order correctly, the customer must provide all the required drawings or images and documents to the designer or executor at the appropriate time, or if necessary, issue a permit for mapping and photographing the project site.
  • The customer must inform the designer of his requests for correction or application of changes (for any reason, including design defects, tastes or legal  discrepancies, ancillary factors, etc.) before the final delivery of each phase. Obviously, otherwise there will be no new commitment for the designer.
  • By default, the designer has no obligation to provide stamps and sign the required plans of the municipality, etc. If you need this, announce it when ordering.

Change or cancel the order

  • In case of need to change or add or subtract other items to the registered service and order; If the designer agrees on the amount and duration, the relevant items will be added or reduced to the order.
  • If your request to cancel the order is before the design process is started by the designer; We can cancel your order and refund the amount paid to you.
  • In case of cancellation of the process after the start of the project or during it, the order fee will be received up to that stage and if more than that has been paid, the rest will be returned to the customer.

Copyright laws

  • The customer guarantees that all texts, images, drawings and any information he sends for design comply with the rules and also has the right to use them.
  • According to international intellectual property and copyright laws, the designer has the intellectual property of the work and has the right to use the title or images of the design as a resume, portfolio, etc. Accordingly, he has the right to leave a small signature or introduction in a corner of the plan or project.
  • Any misuse of the content on the site will be prosecuted and no person, company or website can use the images, content or information of the site without permission.
  • The contents of this page may change. Users are required to visit this page periodically to be aware of possible changes in the rules.
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