[ Graphic Design Services ]


Phase 0 (Preliminary Design)

In this step we will offer several creative concepts & schematic designs to client.


Phase I (Final Design)

In this step we will develop selected concept based on clients’ amendments.


Implemention & Construction

In last step we will ensure Proper execution of design with technical supervision.

[ Types of Services ]

Graphic Design

Visual identity design (logo, logotype, letterhead, envelope, business card, etc.)

Visual identity is a collection of all the visual factors and signs that belong to you, which paint a picture of you in the eyes of others. Visual identity acts as an identity to identify individuals and organizations. Today, visual identity is the most powerful branding tool, the importance of which is not hidden from anyone. Visual identity design should be in a way that in the least possible way to convey the maximum meaning and concepts to the audience and while identifying by creating coherence and visual value to help you stand out from your competitors. Visual identity design includes logo design, letterhead design, envelope design, business card design, and more.

Design of promotional items (banner, poster, brochure, catalog, postcard, calendar, due date, etc.)

One of the most important concerns of all businesses is having a successful ad. Advertising must be creative and have appropriate visual and graphic standards so that it can convey its message to the audience and be remembered in the shortest possible time. Promotional items usually include items such as banners, posters, brochures, catalogs, postcards, promotional gifts, and more. Our goal at Arano Studio is to present new, creative and effective designs.

Page layout and cover design (magazine, book, booklet, etc.)

The first element that catches the eye in the face of a book, booklet or magazine is its cover. Cover design is therefore very important. Because if it has a good effect at first glance, it can attract the audience and create a suitable mental image for him. However, a good cover design may not be enough, and the inside pages should look as good as the cover. The shape and arrangement of the inner pages is called page layout. Good page layout, while creating a standard readability, does not bother the eyes of the audience and also establishes a proper content connection with the existing content. Therefore, in good layout, in addition to observing the principles of aesthetics and visual appeal, graphic design standards and content issues should also be considered.

Illustration (for books, environmental graphics, murals, etc.)

Illustration is a visual description of a text, concept, or process that makes it easier to understand and remember. The illustration should be a good complement to the text or concept as well as clear and legible. On the other hand, it should have the necessary visual appeal for the audience. Today, illustration is done in a wide range of styles and with different techniques such as painting, collage, montage, digital design, three-dimensional model, etc. Illustration can be done for different fields of art, science, industry, etc. Some important fields of illustration are: Archaeological illustration, Book illustration, Botanical illustration, Conceptual art illustration, Fashion illustration, Information graphics, Technical illustration, Medical illustration, Narrative illustration, Child illustration, Illustration Animals and …

Character design (for ads, books, environmental graphics, etc.)

A character is an imaginary creature born of the designer’s mind that is attributed to a product, brand, or so on. Usually, different industries use an element called character to better introduce and also to remember their products and services. These characters are designed according to the audience and the target market, and each is unique to a brand or product. The design of the characters may be in the form of toys, animals, monsters, robots, cars, and so on. Without the right character, products need more investment to stay in the minds of customers. Using characters, you can tell interesting stories about services and products. An appropriate character must be memorable, visually appealing, and have the ability to engage the viewer emotionally with the subject and convey the meaning.

[ Our Attitude and Work Style ]

Our Approach to Design

With the rapid growth of technology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the invasion of human life by artifacts, his peace of mind was gradually undermined. Today, the majority of people spend most of their time indoors. Artificial man-made environments that are generally not pleasant fo nature of human. One of the design approaches in Arano Studio is to combine and introduce natural elements (such as natural light, greenery, water and natural materials) as well as the use of natural ventilation systems and vision in the design. Arano tries to pay special attention to nature-loving and human-centered design, while presenting a modern style in line with the technology and requirements of today’s life.

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