[ Handicrafts Services ]


Phase 0 (Preliminary Design)

In this step we will offer several creative concepts & schematic designs to client.


Phase I (Final Design)

In this step we will develop selected concept based on clients’ amendments.


Implemention & Construction

In last step we will ensure Proper execution of design with technical supervision.

[ Types of Services ]


Functional Products (dishes, vases, clocks, etc.)

Arano, as one of the most advanced design studios in Iran, allows you to order special products for your project. This category includes products that have a practical aspect for us and we deal with them to meet our needs. We design and produce products such as all kinds of dishes, vases, watches, etc. with different materials and techniques with elegance and high quality. All Arano products are handmade and custom made.

Visual Products (sculptures, paintings and art paintings)

Visual products are a group of artistic products that are born of the artist’s taste and talent and are visually seen and understood by the audience. These products are handmade and are made with a lot of time and effort, so they are very valuable. Arano accepts orders for a variety of sculptures, paintings and art paintings and other visual arts products.

Decorative Products (mirrors, lampshades, lamps, chandeliers, lampshades, etc.)

Some of the tools and products that we deal with on a daily basis are important to us, not because of their application, but because of their decorative aspect. These products are generally prepared because of the beauty they bring to us and have a decorative aspect for us. Mirrors, lampshades, lights, chandeliers, etc. are all of this type of product. Arano suggests you to use this beauty and elegance.

Carpets and Rugs (zillow, kilim, jajim, etc.)

Any weave that has the ability to cover the floor is called a carpet. The most important traditional carpets and rugs in Iran include mats, Any weave that has the ability to cover the floor is called a carpet. The most important traditional carpets and rugs in Iran include mats, felt rugs and various types of kilims, Gabbeh, Zilvo Jajim. Persian carpet weaving dates back to about 2 to 3 thousand years BC and findings from excavations of the Shahre-Sukhte. We believe that today, the place of carpets in everyday life is not only determined by its material and weaving technique, but also by its fit with the interior design and how it is used in proportion to the furniture and the layout of the space. For this reason, Arano pays special attention to color and pattern in its products.

Furniture (tables and chairs, puffs and handicrafts)

Today, repetitive and tedious industrial and machine rules have taken over the lives of all of us and have even affected the morphology of the furniture. The use of creativity and new techniques in the design and production of furniture, creates new values and aesthetics in the space. Arano Studio produces products such as tables, chairs, puffs, etc. taking advantage of the delicacies of this field in accordance with new standards.

[ Our Attitude and Work Style ]

Our Approach to Design

With the rapid growth of technology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the invasion of human life by artifacts, his peace of mind was gradually undermined. Today, the majority of people spend most of their time indoors. Artificial man-made environments that are generally not pleasant fo nature of human. One of the design approaches in Arano Studio is to combine and introduce natural elements (such as natural light, greenery, water and natural materials) as well as the use of natural ventilation systems and vision in the design. Arano tries to pay special attention to nature-loving and human-centered design, while presenting a modern style in line with the technology and requirements of today’s life.

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